This blog is about the link between fictional cities and real cities. What can we learn about the real world from looking more closely at an imaginary city? What makes cities tick? Why do cities end up like they are? How might we be able to make cities better?

The base map for all these conversations can be viewed in various ways. See below:

JPEG (around one-third of original size) – 11MB file


11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Michael J Smith said:

    Amazing work. I have been drawing maps of fictional cities for as long as I can remember. How were you able to scan the entire city?

  2. Michael J Smith said:

  3. Michael J Smith said:

  4. Michael J Smith said:

    This is a map I drew about 12 years ago. http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n155/easky32/CityMap2_zps74ac302d.jpg

  5. Is took a few months of evenings after I had finished my homework. Only draw maps these days as a form of doodling. But when I do, I go right back into the zone. DO you live in the New York area? I recognize some NJ names on your maps as well as NYC areas.

  6. Michael J Smith said:

    @D.J. wright, Thank you,

  7. Dante Fragapane said:

    You are amazing! And I’m getting really confused with the scale. I have two A1 sheets back and front full of failed math, trying to figure out this dam scale, and put it into imperial units, inches and miles. 1:12,500, is that 1 cm for 12,500 meters? I want to draw a city as well, but I obviously need the scale. So, for each piece of paper, it’s 1 cm for every 125 meters? I assume 1 meter or 1 cm for every 125 km when fully zoomed out on your map, correct? Thank you!

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